v1.28.0: Slack Plugin, Sentry Monitoring and Bug fixes

New Now one can search through plugin slack workspaces without joining them Added Sentry for logging errors and basic logs Fixed bug which flashed no results message before skeleton loader Removed pagination for plugins with no pagination support Behind the Scenes Refactored our code to have an easier time developing In the works We areContinue reading “v1.28.0: Slack Plugin, Sentry Monitoring and Bug fixes”

v1.26.0: Better JSON formatter, timer app, and other changes

New Added a timer snipppet app, now search for “5 minutes timer” or similar to start a timer Improved the look of the JSON formatter app and added a copy button to it Added an confirmation alert before deleting a space in manage profiles Behind the scenes Removed usused packages and scripts to speed upContinue reading “v1.26.0: Better JSON formatter, timer app, and other changes”

v1.25.0: More ways to Sign up, twitter tab and bug fixes

New Added more ways to sign up with Neera. Now you can use Google and GitHub. Added a tab for Twitter search in the General space. Behind the scenes Fixed pagination and skeleton loader rendering on tab changes. Fixed the bug with changing plugin back to webResults from another plguin. In the works Image SearchContinue reading “v1.25.0: More ways to Sign up, twitter tab and bug fixes”

v1.24.0: More Bug fixes, better sign up form, move to Cirun

New Fixed bug regarding multiple rendering of the auth button for the plugins with OAuth. Made the first tab open at first. Changed the styling of the the sign up page to make it look like the part of the rest of the website. Behind the scenes Moved to Cirun as we were close toContinue reading “v1.24.0: More Bug fixes, better sign up form, move to Cirun”

v1.23.0: Bug fixes, better pocket search, tags and more

New Changed the logo on the website. You can now search your pocket articles by tags. These tags also displayed in the search results Now you can open multiple spaces at once and changes tabs across different spaces with lesser clicks. Behind the scenes We also implemented a way to improve search results for pocketContinue reading “v1.23.0: Bug fixes, better pocket search, tags and more”

v1.22.0: Better Pocket Search & JSON Formatter and more

New Added a new JSON Formatter snippet app as we felt a constant need for it while working. Behind the scenes Improved pocket search by also indexing each page’s content. Now you would be able to search by any word in a saved page, which is not possible by using pocket’s API. Added a newContinue reading “v1.22.0: Better Pocket Search & JSON Formatter and more”

v1.21.0: Notion & Pocket Integration, Pagination and bug fixes

New Now you can search through your notes on Notion and Pocket directly on Neera. You won’t run into things like rate limit as well. We have also added Pagination to search results. Now you can delve deeper into each search. Better design for selecting tabs and spaces for mobile users. Also, better design forContinue reading “v1.21.0: Notion & Pocket Integration, Pagination and bug fixes”

v1.20.0: Back Button fixed, and removed tailwindCSS

New Fixed the issue with the back button. This issue was caused by multiple entries in the browser history due to use of pushState, this was later fixed by using both history.push and replaceState together. Behind the scenes We have completely removed tailwindCSS from the codebase. We made the shift to styled components few weeksContinue reading “v1.20.0: Back Button fixed, and removed tailwindCSS”

v1.19.0: Bug fixes, layout improvements and more

This week we mainly focused on improving things based on user feedback, and fixing bugs concerning the new manage spaces page released previous week. New Fixed the non functioning “Delete Space” and “Restore Defaults” buttons Worked on layout improvements like alignment of results, minimizing layout shift due to slow image loading etc. Behind the scenesContinue reading “v1.19.0: Bug fixes, layout improvements and more”