Release 7th May 2021: Stackoverflow code preview, Search Plugins, and more

The Covid second wave in India is creating havoc and we were busy helping people find covid resources through But now we are back in action.

New Features

  • Now you can see stackoverflow answers inside Neera, with one click.
  • Made the results prettier 🤩
  • The title now changes on the basis of query.

Behind the scenes

  • We rewrote the whole Neera search engine to use a plugin architecture. Soon it will be possible for third parties to add their own search backends to Neera 🚀.
  • Decreased the Javascript bundle size, now Neera should load faster for you.

Bug Fixes

  • Search with empty queries is not allowed anymore.

Coming Soon

  • Pretty new designs ❤️

Team Updates

  • Priyatham Dharmana is helping us with design, making things prettier and more usable.
  • Sahil Shubham has joined us as a frontend intern. It has been less than a week, and I am already impressed with the speed at which he is picking up things.

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