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v1.28.0: Slack Plugin, Sentry Monitoring and Bug fixes

New Now one can search through plugin slack workspaces without joining them Added Sentry for logging errors and basic logs Fixed bug which flashed no results message before skeleton loader Removed pagination for plugins with no pagination support Behind the Scenes Refactored our code to have an easier time developing In the works We areContinue reading “v1.28.0: Slack Plugin, Sentry Monitoring and Bug fixes”

v1.19.0: Bug fixes, layout improvements and more

This week we mainly focused on improving things based on user feedback, and fixing bugs concerning the new manage spaces page released previous week. New Fixed the non functioning “Delete Space” and “Restore Defaults” buttons Worked on layout improvements like alignment of results, minimizing layout shift due to slow image loading etc. Behind the scenesContinue reading “v1.19.0: Bug fixes, layout improvements and more”


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